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  • Is liability insurance a requirement to host an event at Centre 64?
    Yes. Every renter should carry special event insurance. They must provide a copy of the policy and it should name the City of Kimberley and the Kimberley Arts Council-Centre 64 as additional insured parties. Events will be cancelled on short notice if we don’t receive proof of insurance. HOW TO GET LIABILITY INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR YOUR EVENT AT CENTRE 64: 1. Contact your insurance carrier. If you do not have an insurance carrier, you can find affordable liability insurance coverage options for your event through Duuo. Follow insurance carrier instructions to get coverage. 2. Once you have obtained liability insurance coverage for your event, ask for a certificate of insurance for your event. 3. The certificate of insurance must be made out to: the City of Kimberley and the Kimberley Arts Council-Centre 64 4. The certificate of insurance must also include our address which is: 64 Deer Park Avenue, Kimberley BC, V1A 2J2 5. The certificate of insurance will be emailed to you by your chosen insurance carrier.
  • What is included in the Theatre/Studio rental?
    Centre 64 will provide tables, chairs, speakers, microphone by request, with no additional charge. Our theatre has a green room with a living space, restroom, dressing and make-up area. If you host an event that requires stage lights and sound, please make sure you secure a technician. We strongly suggest your technician to schedule an appointment with us to confirm they know how to operate our systems.
  • Does the price include cleaning fees?
    No. Renters are responsible for leaving the spaces clean. If you host a big event, you should consider a cleaning service in your budget.
  • Can I book an event in person or by phone?
    Yes, but we strongly suggest doing it online. You can find the prices and forms in the Spaces section. Once we receive your application, the administrator will email a copy of the agreement or contact the renters if there is no availability in our calendar.
  • How long does it take to process my application?
    From one to two weeks. Our staff is very busy, especially during the summer. If you are planning a big event, we recommend you submit your application at least three months in advance.
  • What does the kitchen rental include?
    Dishes, cups, glasses and cutlery Cooking utensils Fridge, dishwasher, coffee maker, and kettle
  • How can I pay my facility rental invoice?
    We encourage our renters to e-Transfer Centre 64 at You can also pay with credit and debit at the front desk. To pay for the damage deposit, you can write a cheque and we will return it or void it after your event’s end date.
  • Are renters allowed to sell alcohol?
    Yes. You will need a Special Event Permit. However there are some restrictions. If you are selling alcohol, you are not allowed to sell tickets at the door. The price of liquor sold at your event must not exceed the price specified on your permit.
  • Can I rent the spaces for non-artistic purposes?
    Yes. We have rented our facilities for meetings, yoga classes, garage sales, markets, and birthday parties.
  • Does my Family Membership include people who are not blood related to me?
    Sure! We understand that family sometimes extends to our closest friends. You can purchase this membership and share it with your loved ones.
  • Should I hire someone to operate the stage lights?
    If you are hosting an event that requires stage lights and you are not sure you can operate the system, we strongly suggest hiring a professional. We can provide some local contacts for you.
  • How can I buy tickets?
    We recommend buying your tickets online. You can see a list of all upcoming events on the home page. You can also call the office for assistance or buy them in person. Although we accept cash, we prefer credit or debit.
  • Refund Policy
    -We will process full refunds if you cancel up to 48 hours before the event. -Tickets are transferable as long as you call us to let us know who is coming in your place.
  • If I purchase online tickets, will I receive physical copies?
    No. We will register your name and print a attendee's list before the event. When you show up at the door, someone will ask you for an ID and check your name on the list.
  • How long does an exhibition last at Centre 64?
    Artists can rent the Gallery for a single event or a month. The price includes the exhibition set-up.
  • Does the gallery rental include a reception?
    No. Reception is extra. Artists assume the cost of the liquor permit and wine consumed, if they want a reception.
  • What are the minimum and maximum pieces I can submit for an exhibition?
    Three pieces for an open exhibition, and a maximum of 50 solo exhibitions, as long as they fit in the gallery.
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