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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where Can I Find Comprehensive Information About Hosting Events At Centre 64?
    For detailed insights on what each rental includes, such as amenities, rental rates, and space specifications at Centre 64, visit our Spaces page. Our Rental Request Form and Rental Information PDF provide an overview to our rental agreement, offering comprehensive information.
  • What Rental Spaces Are Available And What Are Their Capacities?
    Our facility includes a theatre, studio, non-commercial kitchen, and gallery. Theatre: 126 Studio:120 standing, 80 seated Gallery: 103 standing For detailed and specific features of each space, please visit our Spaces page and view our Rental Information PDF.
  • What Are the Rental Rates And Are There Any Discounts Available?
    Centre 64 is committed to fostering a vibrant arts community through our Arts Initiative Support. This program is designed to offer financial assistance for community arts programs, ensuring they are accessible. We place a high priority on arts-related events and aim to support the enrichment of our community's cultural landscape. If you're interested in applying for this financial assistance, please make sure to express your interest in the designated section of the rental application form. Studio Rental Fees: Hourly: $65 Daily: $400 Theatre Rental Fees: Hourly: $75 Daily (Mon-Weds): $350 Daily (Thu-Sun): $550 Weekly: $2000 (Ask for further details) Monthly: $6000 (Ask for further details) Kitchen Rental Fees: Full Day: $65 Limited Use (Coffee & Tea Service): $40 Main Gallery Rental: Four-week art exhibition: $1600(Ask for further details) Detailed information about rental rates and discount information can be found on our Spaces page and in our Rental Information PDF.
  • How Can I Book A Space for My Event?
    To reserve a space, please visit our Spaces page and complete the online Rental Request Form. We will contact you to finalize your booking.
  • What Are the Requirements For Booking?
    Rental requests must be submitted at least one month in advance. Full payment and a damage deposit are required to confirm your booking. In the absence of advance payment, bookings may be offered to another party. Advance payment conditions for long-term rentals are customized based on individual needs.
  • What Is the Policy On The Damage Deposit For Rentals?
    A $350 damage deposit is required for all rentals at Centre 64, payable by cheque or credit card upon contract signing. Cheques are returned or destroyed within 2 weeks post-rental, while credit card payments may incur a $5 processing fee and are only charged if necessary. This deposit covers costs from potential damages, additional cleaning, or violations incurred by the renter or their guests, ensuring protection against physical and financial liabilities.
  • What Are the Insurance Requirements For Hosting Events At Centre 64?
    Every renter needs to have special event insurance. They must provide a copy of the policy and it should name the City of Kimberley and the Kimberley Arts Council-Centre 64 as additional insured parties. Events will be cancelled on short notice if we don’t receive proof of insurance. HOW TO GET LIABILITY INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR YOUR EVENT AT CENTRE 64: 1. Contact your insurance carrier. If you do not have an insurance carrier, you can find affordable liability insurance coverage options for your event through Duuo. Follow insurance carrier instructions to get coverage. 2. Once you have obtained liability insurance coverage for your event, ask for a certificate of insurance for your event. 3. The certificate of insurance must be made out to: the City of Kimberley and the Kimberley Arts Council-Centre 64 4. The certificate of insurance must also include our address which is: 64 Deer Park Avenue, Kimberley BC, V1A 2J2 5. The certificate of insurance will be emailed to you by your chosen insurance carrier.
  • Who Is Responsible For Cleaning And Garbage Disposal?
    Renters are responsible for cleaning and must dispose of their garbage; Additional janitorial fees or garbage disposal fees of $40 an hour may apply if the venue is not properly cleaned.
  • What Are the Regulations For Including Alcohol in an Event?
    To include alcohol in your event a Special Event Permit is required. A copy of the liquor license must be provided to us. Renters are responsible for providing their own bar staff, all of whom must possess a Special Event Server Certificate or a Serving It Right Certificate. If you plan to rent glassware, you must also rent the kitchen space. Any alternative bar arrangements should be discussed with us prior to the event. There are some restrictions. If you are selling alcohol, you are not allowed to sell tickets at the door. The price of liquor sold at your event must not exceed the price specified on your permit. No glass is allowed in the theatre.
  • Can I Tour the Venue Before Making A Reservation?
    Absolutely! We encourage tours to help you envision your event. Contact us to schedule a visit and discuss availability. We require a walkthrough shortly before your event to ensure the space meets your needs. Please contact us to schedule both an initial tour and a pre-event walkthrough.
  • Is Centre 64 Accessible For Individuals With Disabilities?
    Yes, Centre 64 is committed to inclusivity and accessibility. We've incorporated features such as an accessible bathroom and a wheelchair lift. If you have specific requirements or suggestions for enhancing your experience, please don't hesitate to reach out.
  • What Is the Process For Accessing The Venue On The Day Of The Event?
    Access arrangements, including key collection, will be made in advance, particularly for events outside our normal operating hours, to ensure smooth entry and setup.
  • What Is The Response Time For Booking Requests?
    Our team responds within 3-4 business days, typically from Tuesday to Friday between 1-5 pm, to confirm receipt of your booking request and check date availability.
  • How Long Does It Take To Process A Rental Request Application?
    The processing time for rental requests is typically 1-2 weeks. We recommend planning your event with this timeline in mind.
  • What Is Your Cancellation Policy?
    Cancellations made within 30 days of the event lead to the forfeiture of the advance payment. Full refunds are available for cancellations made more than 30 days in advance. Please note that recurring rentals may be rescheduled if they conflict with our programming, with appropriate notice provided.
  • How Can I Reschedule My Booking?
    We understand circumstances can change, leading to the need to reschedule. We appreciate open communication and request that you contact us at least 30 days in advance to discuss your situation and explore alternatives. Note, cancellations within 30 days of the rental date result in the forfeiture of the advance payment.
  • What Is Included In Theatre/Studio Rentals?
    Rentals come with complimentary tables, chairs, speakers, and a microphone. Our theatre has a green room with a living space, restroom, dressing and make-up area. For an overview of amenities, visit our Spaces page. For a comprehensive list of amenities and specifications, please refer to our Rental Information PDF. If you host an event that requires stage lights and sound, please make sure you secure a technician. We strongly suggest your technician to schedule an appointment with us to confirm they know how to operate our systems.
  • Do You Provide Technical Equipment Like Projectors And Sound Systems?
    Yes, a variety of technical equipment is available for use. For a detailed list and pricing, refer to our Rental Information PDF.
  • Do I Need to Book a Stage Light Technician or Sound Engineer?
    For events requiring stage lights and sound engineering, Centre 64's designated technician must be booked independently. Additional fees apply, rates vary based on event type and requirements
  • What Is Included In A Kitchen Rental?
    Our kitchen is equipped for catering purposes, ideal for food warming but not cooking. Features: Non-commercial kitchen Commercial dishwasher Dishes, cups, glasses, cutlery, and cooking utensils Fridge Coffee maker Kettle And other supplies Limited use of kitchen rental includes supplies for coffee and tea only Renters are responsible for cleaning the kitchen and all used dishes post-event. For an overview of amenities, visit our Spaces page. For a comprehensive list of amenities and specifications, please refer to our Rental Information PDF.
  • How Can I Pay My Facility Rental Invoice And Damage Deposit?
    We encourage our renters to e-Transfer Centre 64 at You can also pay with credit and debit at the front desk. You can pay the damage deposit by writing a check, which will be returned or voided after your event. Alternatively, you can provide credit card details, which include a $5 processing fee for credit card payments, and your card will only be charged if necessary.
  • Are There Restrictions On The Types Of Events That Can Be Hosted?
    We accommodate a wide range of events, provided they adhere to local ordinances and our venue policies. Restrictions include prohibitions on smoking, the use of glassware in the theatre, open flames/candles, and decorations that could damage walls or paint.
  • Are There Any Restrictions On Decorating the Venue?
    While personalization is encouraged, decorations that may damage the walls, such as tacks, nails, and staples, double sided tape, are restricted. Low tack tape designed to prevent damage to the paint is permissible. No Confetti.
  • How Does Centre 64 Create A Positive Environment For Events?
    Centre 64 is dedicated to fostering a safe atmosphere of diversity and inclusivity, with a commitment that extends beyond providing a venue to creating a welcoming space for all. Our attentive staff is dedicated to meeting your needs and ensuring the success of your event.
  • Do You Offer Setup And Cleanup Services For Events?
    The responsibility for event setup and cleanup lies with the renter. A cleaning fee may be applied if the venue is not returned to its original condition post-event. We encourage sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact.
  • Can I Bring In My Own Vendors (Caterers, Photographers, Decorators, etc.)?
    Yes, we welcome you to bring in your preferred vendors to customize your event. You are welcome to bring your own catering. Our kitchen facilities are optimized for warming food, not for full-scale cooking.
  • Do You Provide Event Staff Or Coordinators To Assist During The Event?
    While we do not offer dedicated event staff or coordinators, our team is available to provide advice on the best use of our spaces for your event.
  • Is There Parking Available For Event Attendees?
    Yes, attendees have access to a designated parking lot and angled street parking.
  • When Should Promotional Material Be Provided?
    All promotional material should be submitted at least one month before the event for inclusion on our website and social media platforms.
  • Are There Different Terms For Short-Term And Long-Term Rentals?
    Rentals under 6 weeks are categorized as short-term. Long-term rentals are available in 3-month increments, with advance payment terms determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Can I Book An Event In Person Or By Phone?
    Yes, but we strongly suggest doing it online. You can find the prices and forms in the Spaces section. Once we receive your application, the administrator will email a copy of the agreement or contact the renters if there is no availability in our calendar.
  • How Can I Buy Tickets?
    We recommend buying your tickets online. You can see a list of all upcoming events on the home page. You can also call the office for assistance or buy them in person. Although we accept cash, we prefer credit or debit.
  • Refund Policy
    -We will process full refunds if you cancel up to 48 hours before the event. -Tickets are transferable as long as you call us to let us know who is coming in your place.
  • If I Purchase Online Tickets, Will I Receive Physical Copies?
    No. We will register your name and print a attendee's list before the event. When you show up at the door, someone will ask you for an ID and check your name on the list.
  • How Long Does An Exhibition Last At Centre 64?
    Artists can rent the Main Gallery for 4 weeks.
  • Does The Gallery Rental Include A Reception?
    No. Reception is extra. Artists assume the cost of the liquor permit and wine consumed, if they want a reception.
  • What Are The Minimum And Maximum Pieces I Can Submit For An Exhibition?
    Three pieces for an open exhibition, and a maximum of 50 solo exhibitions, as long as they fit in the gallery.
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